The Northern-most and newest-most chapter of Riff Raff, we’re bringing sweet brass tunes to the radical actions in Bris-vegas!

We’re always looking for new members. You might play brass, percussion, the guitar, any stringed instrument, the lager-phone or even the mega-phone! You could even be a dancer!

Currently we rehearse every two weeks on a Sunday at Friends of the Earth, 20 Burke St, Woollongabba.
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Or check out our Facebook page for more info, or call Ellen on 0408 583 694.

Fun times at the Stop Adani rally June 2019
We played at the Jane Street Community Garden as part of Vergefest in May 2019. This was the first time we had to walk and play instruments at the same time! But we got paid $80 (this radical marching band thing is quite lucrative)!
Our very first gig outside Trevor Evans office!