We are a bunch of friends who got tired of boring protests and started a fabulous marching band in 2010!We play at community events, coal ports, solidarity demonstrations, artyhipsterthings, fundraisers, and on the streetz!

Riff Raff Radical Marching Band are looking for sweet new members and supporters! Including people that can play trombone, trumpet, clarinet, sax, flute, euphonium/tuba, and any forms of percussion.You don’t need to be particularly good, but do need to be part of our collective commitment to not being crap. We play Salt ‘n’ Pepa, Le Tigre, Lady Gaga, and fabulous classics.We also welcome other forms of support such as helping us make costumes, loaning or gifting us instruments, or forming a complimentary dance troupe!

To find out about our sporadic rehearsals and large events we’re gearing up for in the new year:

Join our FB group, post to our wall or send us a message:

Email us at:

Next practice:  Riff Raff is going to Honk Fest in Wollongong. We’ll be taking part in the street parade and doing some anti-csg stuff. Feel free to come join us or just say hi!

Next year we’ll also be gearing up for our civilDISCObedience float in mardi gras. Check back here for details


Riff Raff is auspiced by Friends of the Earth Sydney.

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  1. leslie adam davidson says:

    yes id love to help out. i play lots of percussion have plassed brass instruments and can sew…. when do u rehearse?

  2. Mollie Whichello says:


    We are a PR agency and we are hosting a launch early November, I would like to enquire into how much it would be to hire the band, and if they are able to wear plain costume for example white. They will have placed on their heads a oversized product, which will obviously have air holes for them to breath. We do not have a designated song for them to play, but something loud even if it is a song you have previously played would be great.

    This will take place through a busy location in Sydney and will last about 30-40 minutes march time, and obviously prep before.

    Could you give me a rough idea of how much that would cost?

    Thanks so much,


  3. CP says:

    Hi Leslie, Thanks for your interest! Hopefully someone has gotten back to you by now on this?

  4. Tienne Simons says:

    Hi , I’m learning clarinet. I’m not particularly good but practise a lot and am very keen to play with others and improve. Where are you in Sydney and when do you rehearse? Perhaps I could come along and see if I’m up to band standard yet???? Would love some more details.

  5. Annabel Murray says:

    Hello, I d like to join our band, I play flute, I m friends with Alyx and maybe others in your band,

  6. Diana Estephan says:

    If someone could please contact me via email in regards to hiring the marching band for an event that would be fantastic.

    Thanks! 🙂

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